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11 Mar 2016 ... Big blinds per 100 hands (i.e. bb/100) works best because it ... In my article, How Much Money Can You Make If You Play Online Poker, I stated ...

May 16, 2014 ... 500k hands of online cash game poker taught me many lessons on how to beat the ... I recently passed a milestone in my quest to beat 100NL online. ... In the long run your actual winrate and EV adjusted winrate will match. The Mathematical Truth About Poker: Some Players Do Run Worse Think about it this way: Assume there is a distribution of the long-term expected value (EV) of every possible poker hand played from every position under all ... Introduction to Win Rates - MicroGrinder Poker School Feb 5, 2016 ... When playing poker a critical concept to understand is your win rate. ... determine how much you can expect to make off playing poker over a long period of time. ... bb/100: Number of big blinds (bb) won per every 100 hands. Am I Crushing or is it Poker Variance? - Poker In a Box

online poker players for, among other things, profiling their .... many hands a specific player decides to play, and how far ..... average, 3.02 BB per 100 hands.

Second, private house games are different from games in licensed cardrooms, live play is different from online poker play, and short-handed play is different from full-ring games. For this essay, I'm restricting myself to ring games played live in a brick-and-mortar casino or cardroom with a dealer hired by the house. Starting Hand Selection in Texas Hold'em Poker - ThoughtCo

Jan 15, 2016 · While you can't win every Texas hold'em hand you plan, you *can* learn always to play winning poker. How to win at poker: learn basics, move on …

What A Billion Poker Hands Can Tell Us About Luck - Deadspin Nov 18, 2013 ... Remember the final table of the 2009 World Series of Poker's Main Event? ... Saout's pocket Queens—and again found a way to win (another 4:1 long shot). ... We applied a database of over a billion hands of online poker played mostly in early ... You can be 100 percent to win or lose a hand, and still hit an ... Video Poker Games | Free Online Video Poker Games! Free Play for Fun Video Poker Games You may preview new games or practice your favorites prior to your stay at Atlantis. Please check back regularly as we will be updating the available games periodically. What I learnt playing 500k hands of online cash game poker I recently passed a milestone in my quest to beat 100NL online.That milestone was playing over 500,000 hands of online cash game poker. The truth is that I’ve played more than 500,000 hands of cash online in my life but these 500,000 make up the vast majority of my

Jul 04, 2009 · Answers. A more serious player might sit at four tables at once and play for 3-4 hours, so they'd see 700-1200 hands per day. A professional might play 10-15 tables at once, and play 8 hours a day or more. That player is going to see 5,000-10,000 hands per day.

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